About Us

Crafting Unforgettable Moments

At Magic Flowers Event Rentals, decor rental company, we do planning, styling and design of your events, and offer a huge and exquisite collection of event and decor rentals. We turn your special occasions into magical experiences. With a dedicated and professional team, we take pride in offering all event related services for both private and corporate events throughout the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).

Tailored Designs for Your Unique Needs

We excel in creating customized design arrangements and decorations that cater to your most intricate and demanding requirements. Whether it’s weddings, bridal showers, birthdays, anniversary, corporate events, kids’ parties, baby showers, anniversaries, picnics or any other occasion we have the expertise to transform your vision into reality. You will be able to choose from our exquisite and trendy collection of stunning event props including, but not limited to giant standing flowers, picnic props, kids furniture (kids tables and chairs), backdrops, arches, cake stands/plinths, flower arrangements, centerpieces, baloons, photoshoot decors, angel wings and so much more. We are proud to say today that we have become a one-stop station for all your event and party decor related needs and wants.

Proven Excellence in Event Execution

With a track record of hosting numerous successful events and leaving a trail of satisfied clients, we as the decor rental company understand the key ingredients needed to craft a beautiful and unforgettable event. We approach every aspect of your decor with dedication and precision, ensuring it’s nothing short of perfection. We will always go beyond your expectations and won’t let you down with your dreams about that special day.

Exquisite Quality, Unmatched Innovation

Our products stand out in the market thanks to their uniqueness, exceptional quality and affordable prices. We infuse an extraordinary spirit into every event we undertake, leaving even the most discerning customers completely satisfied.

Let’s Bring Your Vision to Life

Contact us today, and let Magic Flowers Event Rentals bring the magic to your next event. Your vision, our expertise – together, we’ll create moments that last a lifetime. We are proud to be an event and party decor rental company and serve your needs and wants!